Capcoat® Unisex rain coat red

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This sporty, breathable, waterproof rain coat has been designed especially for all outdoor activities in the rain. The jacket can be worn all year round. The jacket is perfect for outdoor sports such as hiking, biking, golf, etc. With light reflection for extra visibility and safety.

The unisex rain coat can be worn with or without the cap. When not in use, the cap can easily be attached, out of the way, to the back of the coat using a special strip of tape. Alternatively, the cap can be put away in the inside pocket of the coat.


Comfort and safety

  • waterproof, incl. zippers and seams
  • good visibility, even when turning the head to look left/right
  • protects the glasses and/or makeup
  • zippers under the arms for extra ventilation
  • keeps the neck warm and dry
  • easy to carry when folded as a package


  • unisex model
  • sizes S / XL
  • two pockets with zippers on front of the jacket, inside pocket
  • jacket has a mesh lining